Shopping in Hamburg

Hamburg is a fantastic city for shopping with lots of exclusive boutiques. The streets Neuer Wall and Mönckebergstraße offers over 12 malls.

Shopping Areas

Below you will find information about some of Hamburg's major shopping streets. All are located in the inner city and within walking distance of each other.


Gata i centrala Hamburg

Jungfernstieg located on Lake Alster, and has since long ago been a well-known shopping and walking area in Hamburg. Previously families went there for their Sunday walks, and and then took the opportunity to showcase their unmarried daughters. "Jungfern" means virgin.

Nowadays, it is trade that is in focus here. Both large and small boutiques try to outdo each other with exclusive offers. On Jungfernstieg you'll find footwear, leather and bag stores, as well as the famous department stores "Alsterhaus".

Neuer Wall

At Adolph Platz, right behind the town hall is Hamburg Stock Exchange located. On the other side of Adolphsbrücke (Adolphs Bridge) the Neue Wall begins. This is Hamburg's large designer street where you can buy much in international fashion. On the Neue Wall you will find many famous international brands including Armani, Joop and Jil Sander.


The Hanseatic Quarter Hanse-Viertel offers a wide selection of reputable stores and dealers. There are also many restaurants and cafés where you can take a much-needed break from the shopping.

Relax with a cup of coffee

Balzac Coffee i Hamburg

If you need a coffee break and maybe a sandwich och cookie during shopping trip in Hamburg, we recommend Balzac Coffee. They're a lot like the American Starbucks, both in ways of the interior as well as the exterior. The chain is named after the French, caffeine dependent writer Honoré de Balzac. In central Hamburg, there are nine Balzac Coffee, sooner or later you'll run across one of them.

"Under den Linden" is a cozy cafe that's modern and old-fashioned at the same time. They have served coffee and different kinds of buns and pasta since 1982. They have a wide selection of newspapers and magazines for those who want a nice read with a good cup of coffee. The address is Julius Strasse 16.

Shops & Boutiques

Here you will find information specific shops and boutiques in Hamburg.

Cool and Crazy

Along a fairly deserted road between St. Pauli and Altona you'll find the shop Cool and Crazy. In the basement, which the store occupies you will find a wide selection of garage, punk rock, and much else blatant music. The shop was opened by the American and the record company Crypt's founder Tim Warren in the early 90s. The address is Julius-Leber-Straße 20.

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