Strip Clubs on Reeperbahn

On the Reeperbahn you'll find lots of strip clubs, and generally there is no entrance fee, but the beer costs a little more (€5). Be careful when you are asked to buy a stripper a glass of orange juice (orangensaft). The orange juice is actually a order for the girl to sit down with you for a while, and costs about €30.

The strip clubs often try to trick the visitors into make orders. The latest time we visited Hamburg the manager of the strip club asked if we were enjoying the girls. We did, and said: Yes, we do! Five minutes later he came back with two open Champagne bottles and a carafe of orange juice. We protested and said that we hadn't made that order. The "party" would have costed us a little over €500. He got angry and picked up the bottles and carafe and left the table.

Our advice when you visit strip clubs at the Reeperbahn is to be calm and avoid offers that sounds too good to be true. A "yes" for one thing easily can be interpreted as a "yes" for an order of something very expensive.

Strip club Reeperbahn

Reeperbahn Strip Club

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