Checklist and tips before you leave for Hamburg

1. Make an hotel room reservation before you leave home, or atleast check if there's any big events in Hamburg coming up.

2. If you travel by car, then check it before you're going back home. We once drove all the way home with a loose front tire, probably because someone had tried to steal our wheels.

3. If your travelling from Scandinavia, buy lots of beer at the Border Shop in Puttgarden. Sign an export form to escape the recycling fee, then continue your trip to Hamburg. If you're planning on staying for a while you can save much money, because the of the high recycling fee in Germany.

4. Don't use your Credit/Debit Card at the joints in the area around Reeperbahn. Cash is King!

5. Don't buy orange juice at a strip club. One glass usually costs €30 and is a order for a stripper to sit down with you.

Autobahn Germany

German Autobahn

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