Hotels in St. Pauli

There are plenty of hotels in St. Pauli and most of them have resonable prices. In addition to the hotels we review down below you'll find larger hotel chains in the area.

Hotel Figaro

Hotel Figaro is a nice and cheap hotel in St. Pauli. It's located next to Feldstraße and the address is Neuer Kamp 21, and Reeperbahn is a 15 minute walk away. The location is good because it offers some distance to the hectic Reeperbahn, and the walk isn't very strenuous. The alternative is to take a taxi for about €9 to the Reeperbahn. The price for a single bedroom is €20/night, double room €40 and three bed room €60. They also have a five bed suite for €150/night. There are no bathrom/toilet in any of the rooms except for the suite.

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A&O Hamburg Reeperbahn (Hotel Stern)

Hotel Stern is another hotel in St. Pauli and is located on the Reeperbahn. We don't have any experience of this hotel, except for beeing in the lobby for a shorter time. Externally the hotel looks like a white can on a backyard of Reeperbahn.

If you choose a hotel on the Reeperbahn you should have in mind that they often are rather shabby. Some hotels even offer a prostitute to the room, Harald's Hotel is one hotel which have this kind of offer. The address is Reeperbahn 154.

Address: Reeperbahn 154

Telephone: +49 (0)40 30051300


Budapester Hof

Budapester Hof is a hotel located at the intersection Budapester Straße and Paulinenstrasse near Real discount warehouse. A couple of years ago the entire hotel was renovated and the rooms are nice. Reeperbahn is a 15 minute walk away and the address is Paulinenstrasse 16-18.

Address: Paulinenstraße 16-18

Telephone: +49 (0)40 4397972


Hotel Ibis

Hotel Ibis is located at the far end of Reeperbahn. The hotel has 162 modern rooms equipped with Internet connection (optional). There's also an Internet connection (WLAN) via iPoint in the lobby and public areas. Breakfast is served between 4 am and 12 am. The address is Simon von Utrecht Strasse 63 in the Reeperbahn-Simon Von Utrecht Strasse intersection.

Address: Simon von Utrecht Strasse 63

Telephone: +49 (0)40 650460

Haralds Hotel

Harald's Hotel is located on the Reeperbahn and are in our opinion rather shabby. We haven't spent a night there but we checked it out once, but decided to keep looking for another one. At Harald's Hotel you get a prostitute included in the price for the room, the rather sweaty hotel manager informed us about. This was a strong argument for us to say, "no thank you" and leave. Who knows, you maybe find this offer attractive?

Address: Reeperbahn 54

Telephone: +49 (0)40 313363

Hotel Figaro's five bed suite

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