St. Pauli general information

St. Pauli can be compared to Christiania in Copenhagen, and is thus a distinct working class neighborhood with 27,600 inhabitants. Here you can find lots of restaurants and plenty of small shops.

St. Paul has long been Hamburg's entertainment district and the whole thing started with the seamen needed somewhere drinking beer when they were in port. This is also why St. Pauli and the Reeperbahn became Hamburg's prostitution district.

The members of The Beatles lived and played in St. Pauli for a period before they broke through. It is said they broke through at the Star-Club on the Reeperbahn. The district's pride is the football team F.C St. Pauli.

In Hamburg, there are no laws that forbid you to bring your beer out of the tavern, provided that you do not take with you one of the restaurant's glass. This makes you a hot summers day can go into any place and buy you a cold bottle of beer to the continued walk.

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