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The Reeperbahn has a long tradition of beeing Hamburg's night life centre. The Germans call it "die sündige Meile" (the sinful mile). During the sixties and seventies the street was notorious for it's high crime rate, nowadays the area is much safer.

As a response the the high crime rate the Seante of Hamburg voted for a law prohibiting weapons in the Reeperbahn area. The only place in Hamburg with a similar restriction is the Hansaplatz in St. Georg.

The street around the Reeperbahn is lined with many restaurants, night clubs and bars. There are also strip clubs, sex shops, brothels and a sex museum. The Operettenhaus is a musical theatre which is also located at the Reeperbahn. Other theatres at the Reeperbahn is St. Pauli Theater, Imperial Theater and Schmidts Tivoli.

Reeperbahn 1950

Reeperbahn in the 1950:s

Street prostitution is legal during certain times of the day on Davidstraße (David Street). The Herbertstraße (Herbert Street), a short side street of the Davidstraße, has prostitutes behind windows waiting for customers. Unlike De Wallen which is the red-light district in Amsterdam, it is closed off with a large gate and women are not allowed in.

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