Restaurants on Reeperbahn

Reeperbahn in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district offers a diverse array of dining experiences, from traditional German cuisine to international flavors and trendy eateries. Whether you’re craving hearty pub fare, fresh seafood, or exotic dishes, there’s something to suit every palate along this bustling street.

Traditional German Cuisine

  • Frau Möller: This cozy restaurant serves up classic German dishes with a modern twist. From schnitzel and bratwurst to hearty stews and homemade desserts, Frau Möller offers a taste of authentic German cuisine in a relaxed setting.
  • Blockbräu: Located in a historic building, Blockbräu is a popular spot for beer enthusiasts and foodies alike. Enjoy traditional German fare paired with freshly brewed beer from the on-site brewery.

Seafood and Fish Restaurants

  • Fisch & Liebe: For seafood lovers, Fisch & Liebe is a must-visit destination. Indulge in a variety of fresh fish dishes, including grilled fish, seafood pasta, and seafood platters, all prepared with high-quality ingredients.
  • Hamburg Fischmarkt: Situated near Reeperbahn, Hamburg Fischmarkt offers a vibrant seafood market atmosphere with stalls selling a wide selection of fish and seafood specialties. Sample freshly shucked oysters, smoked salmon, and more.

International and Trendy Eateries

  • East Restaurant & Bar: Experience Asian fusion cuisine at East Restaurant & Bar, known for its stylish ambiance and innovative dishes. Enjoy sushi, dim sum, and other Asian-inspired creations in a chic setting.
  • Chug Club: This trendy cocktail bar and restaurant offers a mix of international cuisine and creative cocktails. With a lively atmosphere and eclectic menu, Chug Club is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

These are just a few of the many dining options available on Reeperbahn. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional German fare, fresh seafood, or international cuisine, you’ll find plenty of delicious choices to satisfy your appetite in this vibrant area of Hamburg.